Your membership to The Ohio Academy of Science helps to support science across the state of Ohio.

The Ohio Academy of Science is a membership based, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization.

The Academy is the leading organization in Ohio to foster curiosity, discovery, and innovation and to unite all who value education, science, engineering, technology, or their applications for the benefit of society. The Academy conducts an annual meeting and science days, and publishes an international, multidisciplinary, scientific journal, The Ohio Journal of Science.


Types of Memberships:

Recently, The Ohio Academy of Science has implemented two types of membership:

  1. Individual Memberships - Our traditional memberships that are available for individual scientists, teachers, retired scientists, and students. Click here for more information.

  2. Institutional Membership - A new level of membership that allows Universities, Colleges, and Businesses to join as an Institution. All students, faculty, or employees from Institutional Members are able to join the Academy at no cost in addition to the Institution receiving additional benefits. Click here for more information.

Are you a Professional or Student at any Institutional Member? If so, use your coupon code for either the Professional Application (Paid by Institution) or our College Student Application (Paid by Institution).

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